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Tips for Maintaining Organization in Your Storage Unit

One of the reasons Americans purchase storage space is to declutter their homes. Keep your excess items orderly by using these organization tips below:

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Take Inventory

Before you store your items in a storage facility, take an inventory of everything that you’re removing from your home. Make a list of what you plan on storing in the storage facility so you have an accurate record of your items at all time. Leave one list at the storage unit and keep a second list at your home. This way, you can update each list as you remove anything from storage or add additional items.

Strategize Your Packing

Keep items for certain rooms of your home (such as holiday decorations for your living room) in one area. This way, you can easily find exactly what you need when you need it. Try to store less frequently or rarely used items in the bottom boxes of your storage unit. If you plan on giving away an old piece of furniture to a friend, then keep that item at the front of your storage area for easy accessibility.

Frequent Visits

Try to purchase storage space in a central location that is conveniently close to your home. As you clean your home once a month or during spring cleaning, make a point to visit and organize your storage space. Go through the items in storage to decide if you no longer have a use for anything that you had previously stored. You may be pleasantly surprised about the items you forgot you had!

Maximize Your Space

Another way to keep your storage space organized is maximizing your space. When searching for a storage facility, consider how much space you’ll need to store your items. If you have large furniture items, then choose a larger storage facility. Pack smaller items into boxes that can be stacked to create more storage space.

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