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The Benefits of Using a Storage Facility That Also Offers Moving Services

When cleaning out your home or relocating to your new area, you may require storage space to house unnecessary items. Rather than buying storage space and hiring a moving company, make one quality purchase by fulfilling your storage needs at Chelsea Mini Storage.

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Minimize Your Expenses

When moving your unwanted furniture or excess items from your home, the process can be trying on your time and wallet. Depending on how many items you will be transferring to storage, you may need to rent a moving vehicle. Many vehicle companies have expensive rates to rent a vehicle to transport your items to storage. Hiring a storage company with moving services minimizes the time and money you will spend on transferring your items.

Reduce Your Stress

Rather than worrying about returning a storage vehicle or borrowing a pick-up truck from your friend, make your relocation stress-free by using a storage facility that will transfer your items for you. Don’t worry about expensive additional charges or taking time off of work to pick up a vehicle, pack your items, unload your items, and return the vehicle. Storage facilities with moving services help you complete your move in one convenient process.

Avoid Injury

If you are downsizing your home and placing larger items into storage, then moving these items can pose a risk to your health. Unprofessional or first-time movers often suffer a herniated disk or other back injuries. Proper lifting techniques are essential to moving any type of item, but especially heavier objects. Eliminate your risk of injury by using the professional moving services of your storage facility.

Enjoy a Professional Guarantee

In addition to the convenience of purchasing storage space at a facility that offers moving services, these employees guarantee a professional quality of moving that you can’t find anywhere else. Hiring a professional moving company reduces the risk of accidents during your move to storage.

To enjoy these benefits and more, purchase storage space and moving services from Chelsea Mini Storage. Tour our Manhattan facilities and call us with your questions at (888) 549-4090.