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How to Choose a Secure Lock for Your Self-Storage Unit

A storage facility that lets you pick your own lock is giving you the power to keep your belongings safe. Do some research before making a decision so you can find a lock that will truly protect your storage unit. Consider the following when trying to choose a lock for your unit:

Storage Unit: Unlocking the Lock

  • Ease of Entry

Before deciding on a lock, you have to determine how easy it is to get past. Since the object is to keep your belongings in storage safe from intruders, you want something that is practically impenetrable. Regular padlocks with an easy-to-duplicate key will not keep your unit secure. Combination padlocks, like the kind you would use at the gym, are too easy to cut. You should look for locks that are almost impossible to cut, drill through, or pick.

  • Compatibility with Storage Unit

A disc lock is durable and can withstand drilling, picking, and cutting, but does not fit each kind of storage unit. Many storage facilities use cylinder locks, which can be placed inside the unit. Talk to the storage company about which locks will fit onto your unit so you can narrow your search and find a way to keep it securely closed.

  • Self-Storage Recommendations

If you are really confused about the lock-choosing process, take a walk around the storage facility and see what kinds of locks other people are using. Although the storage center does not lock the unit, they will know the best kinds of locks to use. Talk to the people in the office about their recommendations. They deal with securing storage units every day, so they will know the best kinds of lock to use.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we work hard to provide a secure and safe environment for your belongings. With our controlled storage facility and your secure lock, you can rest assured that your unit is secure. To learn more about our facility, please visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.