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Essential Security Features to Look for in a Secure Self-Storage Center

When you choose a self-storage facility, it is important to be both familiar and comfortable with the site’s security features. Since you are planning to leave your belongings at the center, you have to feel confident that they will provide the necessary security to keep your belongings safe. Look for the following in a self-storage center to know that they are watching out for you:

Security Camera

  • Computerized Alert Systems

Storage centers that use high-tech alarms will be able to monitor more of the facility at one time. With motion detectors, listening devices, perimeter contacts, video surveillance and recording, they can have eyes and ears on every corner of the storage site. If one of the alert systems detects a problem, they can quickly take the proper steps to address it.

  • Control Over the Facility

You want a storage company that combines other security features with computerized technology. Look for a facility that has security guards who roam through the property. You also want the storage center to have bright, modern lights that make it hard to sneak around at any time of the day. On-site managers who regulate sign-in and sign-out logs will be able to keep watch over everything. With the addition of alarmed buildings and securely locked storage units, you will know that a break-in is extremely unlikely.

  • Insurance Options

Even with the best security features in the area, you can never be too careful. Look for a storage facility that offers insurance on their units. Insurance gives you the final reassurance that your belongings will remain safe and secure inside the unit.

Security is the number one concern of Chelsea Mini Storage, which is why we put all of these safety measures into effect at our facility. When you store with us, you know that your belongings will be in the same condition when you return. For more information on our security features or to reserve a storage unit, please call (888) 549-4090.