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Relocating Your Business? Follow These Great Tips!

Moving personal belongings is stressful enough for most people—moving an entire company from once office to another is a different story. However, relocation can go smoothly with the help of a storage center, proper packing supplies, and a great attitude. For tips on relocating your business, read on.

Moving to new office

Plan Ahead
It’s absolutely impossible to over-plan—especially when it comes to moving an office. First, plan a time schedule for moving day so you can give accurate dates and times to your moving company, storage facility, and employees. You should make sure you don’t have any deliveries scheduled on moving day, or any important project deadlines. It’s also important to plan a reasonable budget when researching Manhattan moving and storage companies.

Delegate Tasks
Make sure your employees are aware of their responsibilities leading up to moving day and on the day itself. This will ensure projects and productivity do not lose momentum in the moving shuffle. If you need help planning the move, enlist the help of your employees, but choose wisely. Remember, the aim is to reduce stress, not elevate it. You might create an office checklist of who is responsible for what, just to eliminate confusion and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Hire Professionals
If necessary, research moving companies far in advance of the move. It’s a good idea to hire a company that fits your company’s needs. For example, if you’re moving mostly furniture, hire a residential moving company. If you are moving special equipment, you may be better off with a commercial moving company. To save money on storage and packing materials, consider a moving supplies package from Chelsea Mini Storage, which can save your company up to $100.

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