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What It Means to Be a Part of the SSA

When working with a self-storage facility, it is important to have confidence in their reputation. The Self-Storage Association (SSA) gives storage centers the tools they need to find ways to improve their business and offer you the best service. Members of the SSA have access to the following:

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  • A Voice for Change
    In just the past three years, the SSA has spent $2.6 million to lobby Congress and improve storage facilities for the public. Tenants now have insurance and have avoided extra sales tax fees because of the efforts of the Association. Without their help, many people utilizing self-storage would be facing higher costs.
  • Better Ways to Stay Organized
    Thanks to the work that the SSA does with industry data, storage facilities around the country are able to find better ways to run their businesses. With the access to the information that the Association collects, storage owners can tweak their business plans. This gives them the push they need to find newer and better ways to please the customer.
  • An Integrated System
    With the SSA’s trade shows, seminars, and magazine, the entire storage industry is making improvements. When the owners of different companies can come together and share their knowledge, it helps spread positive business techniques. Thanks to the Self-Storage Association, business owners can come together and find ways to work on new ideas. When you work with a storage company that belongs to the Self-Storage Association, you know you are getting the best service you can get.

As a proud member of the SSA, Chelsea Mini Storage is always working to make improvements to our business. We offer quality storage space that helps you find a place for some of your extra belongings. With a variety of storage sizes and options, we can always meet your needs. For more information on our services, please call (888) 549-4090.