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That Green Chair You Won't Get Rid of Will Love Chelsea Mini Storage

green leather armchair

Somehow your belongings are able to accumulate at a level that makes it seem like they are procreating. If your home is being overrun with clutter, it is time to free up some space. Use these tips to find out how to utilize a storage center and make the most of your square footage:

  • Relocate that Old Chair
    Have a piece of furniture that you love but are not currently using? It is a good idea to bring it to the storage facility until you have more space. Old furniture, like arm chairs and love seats, take up a lot of room that could be used for other items.
  • Organize Those Old Files
    While there is plenty of paperwork that you should hold on to, you do not have to keep it in your home. Declutter your living space and your life by taking your files to the self-storage center. When they are in storage, you can still get to them when you need them but they will not diminish your available space.
  • Hide Away that Seasonal Equipment
    Christmas lights, table leafs, and snow shovels are all important items to own. You probably do not have a use for them at all times of the year, though. Place your seasonal equipment into storage when you do not need it. You will instantly free up massive amounts of space inside of your house.
  • Hold onto Your Mementos
    Throughout a lifetime, there are a lot of little odds and ends that represent some of your favorite memories. These mementos eventually start to pile up, however. Transport them to your storage unit so you can still walk down memory lane without overcrowding your home.

Chelsea Mini Storage is here to hold onto any of your extra belongings that are taking up too much space. Our versatile storage facility has units of all sizes to encompass anything you need to store. For more information, please visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.