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How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Optimum Accessibility

Maintaining a storage unit that allows for little accessibility can make it difficult to reach valuable belongings when they’re necessary. Therefore, you’ll need to effectively organize your storage unit to maintain optimum ease of access.

  • Choose the Right Size Storage Unit

First, determine how much storage space you’ll need based on what it is that you need to store. The size of your storage unit will dictate how you organize and pack the unit. A 320-cubic foot storage unit can hold the contents of a large studio apartment, while a 72-cubic foot storage unit can hold around 12 to 14 medium-sized boxes. A 1200 cubic foot unit can hold the contents of a three-bedroom apartment or 400 legal-size boxes.

  • Create a Floor Plan

Next, consider how you will position your items before you begin moving them into the storage unit. This is especially important if you have irregularly shaped items. If you begin moving your items into the storage unit before creating a plan, you may run into problems such as running out of room for things that should fit. You will also want to make sure that you have room to get to items that may need to be accessed regularly.

moving day.

  • Label Your Boxes

Once you have an effective plan, label your boxes on the tops and all sides. This will make it easier to locate the exact box you need when looking for something inside your storage unit. One way to label items is to use a color-coded system, but writing out the contents of each box on the box is also helpful.

  • Avoid Storing Certain Items

Some belongings, such as firearms or combustible items, should not be stored in a commercial storage unit. Perishables that may expire before you retrieve them should also be kept out of storage. Also, anything that you will need to access frequently is best kept at home or otherwise out of storage.

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