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Why It's Safer to Keep Your Valuables in a Storage Facility Rather Than in Your Home

Are you worried about storing your valuable objects at home? Consider placing your expensive items in a safer venue: a storage facility.

  • Protection for Property

When you purchase a rare painting or a valuable piece of jewelry, you want to celebrate! Your immediate thought is not protecting this investment, but it should be. Often, your valuables are much safer in a storage facility than in your own home. A quality storage facility takes every precaution to protect your items from theft and damage 24/7.

  • Alarm Systems

The most current storage facilities have updated technology and alarm systems to provide several lines of defense between your valuables and an intruder. Motion detectors will sense any sign of unusual activity outside of the storage area before someone can get inside. A thorough storage facility will allow you to use your lock and your key so that no one else has access to your storage box but you.

  • Constant Surveillance

In addition to the alarm system and motion sensors, an exceptional storage facility will hire security guards for around-the-clock surveillance. By having trained professionals on hand inside and outside of the building, suspicious activity can be identified in a moment’s notice. Additionally, many storage facilities use a log of people going in and out of the building to know who has encountered your storage area at all times.

  • Protection for You and Your Family

Apart from the high-tech alarm systems and surveillance, placing your valuables in a storage facility protects you and your family. Depending on the value of your items, you may be putting your family at risk of theft by keeping your expensive items in your home. Don’t allow an incredible asset to become a threat to your home. Keep your valuables safely stored in a storage facility where they will be constantly guarded.

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