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What's the right way to prepare a package for shipping? What are some tips for moving your boxes on moving day? If you're packing up boxes for moving or shipping and you want to make sure everything runs smoothly, then check out these links.

  • UPS has a quick guide on how to prepare boxes for shipping. With fragile objects, make sure they're not near the top, corners, and sides of the box.
  • FedEx offers an in-depth guide on how to pack boxes. Explore general dos and don'ts and how to properly label your packages for shipping.
  • For quick tips on how to prepare your boxes for packing and moving, Remember to avoid more than 50 pounds per box to prevent tearing.
  • offers 12 moving tips, including always making a list of packed items. It's better to be too specific on your list than too vague, so be sure to write down every box’s contents.
  • TLC also has some moving tips, including making sure your truck has enough space to park when moving. This is a big logistical concern when it comes to apartments, so plan accordingly.

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