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You Have a New Place, Now What? 4 Tips for Moving

Take a deep breath—moving is not going to be that bad.  The most important thing to worry about is making sure all of your stuff makes it to your new place safe and sound.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your move is successful and painless:

1.      Use High Quality Boxes

You want your stuff to be comfortable and secure when it is moved, so make sure you only use good, durable boxes.  It’s probably going to be cheaper to buy good boxes than it is to replace a box full of broken items—and you’ll spare yourself a lot of worrying.

 2.      Protect Your Furniture

If you want to continue to use your furniture at your new place, then be sure to pack your furniture carefully when you are moving.  Sometimes, this requires professional moving services that can pad and protect your upholstery from damage.

 3.      Pack Your Fragile Items Carefully

Before moving wine bottles, antiques, or fine art, save yourself from a huge headache and look into using moving services for these items.  The professionals will be able to custom-wrap your stuff carefully and package it into secure, high-quality boxes.

 4.      Moving Locally?  Rent A Storage Unit For Your Extras

Don’t bother moving things to your new place that you don’t use regularly.  Take all of the things you can’t bear to part with and transport them to a storage facility—that way, you can move those items to your new place if you decide that there is some extra room.

For all of your storage needs and moving services, come to Chelsea Mini Storage.  We offer America’s largest self-storage facility and professional moving services for local and long distance moving.  Call us at (888) 549-4090 to ask us all of your questions or for help solving all of your moving problems!

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