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Tips From Chelsea Mini Storage to make Your Spring Cleaning Manageable

It’s that time again.  Break out the cleaning supplies and the elbow grease, because spring cleaning is here!  Follow these tips to ensure that your spring cleaning ritual is more efficient and get’s things cleaner than they’ve ever been before:

Man's untidy wardrobe

 1.      Practice Preventative Cleaning

Before you begin spring cleaning, learn how clean efficiently during the other three seasons of the year, and start doing it every day!  Some important things to remember: Don’t leave a room without tidying up first, clean the dishes while you cook, and sweep the kitchen floor each night.

 2.      Make A Cleaning Kit

Don’t waste time traveling back and forth to the laundry room or closet to collect all of your cleaning supplies—put all of the basics in a bucket and carry that around with you instead.  Make sure that your kit has several sizes of towels, some rubber gloves, and a toothbrush.

 3.      Clear Out The Clutter

Rid yourself of all of that clutter sitting in the garage or the bedroom closet by putting it in storage.  If you can’t bear to throw something away, then just put it in a local storage facility!  A storage center will be able to take your stuff so you can keep your peace of mind.

 4.      Purchase Closet Organizers

Instead of stuffing everything inside of your closets or in boxes that go inside of your closets, start organizing your closet.  Get hooks and clips to hang all of the important stuff and some shelves to replace those boxes.

During the spring cleaning process, you will undoubtedly stumble upon things that you really want to keep, but don’t seem to have any space for.  When that happens, come and take your stuff to Chelsea Mini Storage for low prices and safe storage in Manhattan.  We can also help you with local or long distance moving—call us at (888) 549-4090 and we will be gladly answer all of your questions!