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Like Our Recent Blog Topics? Here Are More Great Resources for You to Check Out

Would you like to learn more about the topics covered in our recent blog posts?  Cleaning your home or moving to a new one can be overwhelming.  The key to keeping the stress at bay is to pre-plan as much as possible.  Check out the following resources for help with all of your planning:

  •  If you want to make your weekly cleaning a lot easier, then start cleaning more efficiently every day!  On you will find a list of six things to do every day to make your weekly cleaning and spring cleaning a lot easier. 
  •  It’s hard to be ‘green’ if you are still using toxic cleaning supplies.  Make the switch to homemade, environmentally-friendly formulas and you will be shocked at how good they smell, how much cheaper they can be, and how effective they are! will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this.
  •  Many people would agree that their closets could be cleaner and more organized.  Start the process of organizing your closet by reading this article on for valuable tips for turning the disorderly mess inside of your closet into a logical arrangement of your most important stuff.
  •  It is a good idea to sort out your to-do list at least two months before you move.  For a great move calendar checklist, visit  If you stick to it, then you have nothing to worry about on moving day and you can just sit back, relax, and watch the movers take care of it all!
  •  For great tips on packing your fragile belongings, check out the guide offered by  Start saving newspaper, bubble wrap, and those Styrofoam peanuts—they will come in handy when preparing all of your precious things for the move.