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How To Choose The Right Size Storage Unit

Sometimes, homeowners and renters simply run out of storage space. A storage unit rental from a secure storage facility can be a great solution to clear up clutter. Storage facilities offer units in all sizes, up to thousands of cubic feet. So how do you choose the right size storage unit? Here are some tips for picking the unit you need.

  • Consider What You Are Storing

If you will be storing furniture, then you will logically want to opt for a larger unit to accommodate larger belongings. If you just have a few boxes of seasonal clothing, then a smaller unit will suit your needs. If your items are already packed, then measure their boxes to determine the exact unit size you need.

  •  Think About Function

Consider the function of your storage unit when calculating the space you’ll need. If you are going to use the storage for a long period of time, then you may want a larger storage unit so you can move, access, and remove items without hassle. Perhaps you only have a few items to store now, but anticipate the need for more storage space in the near feature. Instead of renting multiple small units, consider one large space for accumulated items over time.

  • Try To Be Economical

It can be easy to spend money on something “just in case” you need it. However, if you are simply storing clothing or other small items for a short term, then it isn’t cost effective to rent a large unit, wasting space and money.

For quality storage units for any purpose, Chelsea Mini Storage has the best prices and options. We also provide a handy online Storage Calculator so you can determine just the right size storage unit. Contact us by calling (888) 549-4090.