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How to Clean the Clutter

If your house seems a little more packed with clutter than usual, check out this video from CBSNews Online on how to clear out the clutter.  

Expert and Real Simple contributor Kate Parker gives some great tips on decluttering your home office space. 

Clutter can make it difficult for you to find things, add stress to your life, and lead you to spend more money than necessary.  Whether you go out and buy a new stapler because you can’t find the old one, or lose important bills and papers, only to find out you are paying late fees and worse, clutter will no doubt cost you money. 

Check out the video on some simple steps you can take today to cut back on the problem. 

One great way to clear out the clutter is to enlist the help of a self-storage facility.  Chelsea Mini Storage is the perfect place to store your clutter…so it’s not cluttering your life!  Learn more about how we can help you on our website.