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A Storage Facility Vs. Your Garage

It can be easy to use your garage as extra storage space for all your extra stuff.  A little bit of Christmas here, the old couch there, and before you know it your whole garage has been taken over! 

If you want to be able to park your car in your garage again, then it might be time to clear some clutter and move some of your extra things to a storage center.  Using self-storage is a great way to limit the clutter in your home.  You can store your less frequently used items like holiday decorations and your children’s old artwork at the storage facility and spend less time moving it around your garage. 

Check out these great reasons to switch to a storage facility:

Security – Leaving your prized possessions in the garage is just not a smart idea.  How would you feel if your precious baby photos were damaged by a leaking roof or the extreme temperature changes of a garage?  Moving your items to a storage facility is a more secure option.  These storage centers often have temperature controlled rooms and 24 hour security. 

No Clutter – Having a cluttered up garage is a pain for any homeowner.  You probably spend hours digging out your lawn mower every summer and an equal amount of time trying to find all the Christmas decorations.  When you limit yourself to a mini storage unit, you are less likely to accumulate more junk and more likely to keep the space organized.

Functionality – Wouldn’t it be amazing to park your car in the garage again?  You wouldn’t have to worry about running over the box of old family albums or squeezing the car around grandma’s antique dresser.

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