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Special Precautions to Take When Storing Valuables in a Storage Unit

When your belongings are in storage and out of sight, it might be easy to forget about security. To keep your personal items protected, make sure to find a storage facility that has top-quality security services. These precautions will help keep your belongings safe even when you cannot see them:

  • Storage Center Technology

You should always use storage facilities that have advanced technology to keep your storage unit safe. Motion detectors will alert the facility if there is an intruder. Listening devices let them keep tabs on your unit even when they do not have a visual. Closed circuit television surveillance will show them when something is wrong. Interior and exterior video recording will catch everything of interest on tape. When a storage facility has this technology, you know they care about your possessions.

Surveillance camera

  • Competent Guards

Human lookouts are just as important as technological ones. Make sure the storage center has qualified security guards who are monitoring the area. They should sign in and out at the entrance to keep a record of everyone inside. There should also be a few guards who stay stationary while others roam the property.

  • On-Site Managers

One of the most important security measures is to find a self-storage facility that has on-site managers. When a manager supervises the security, you know that the storage center is doing its part to protect your belongings. You should also have your own lock with a key just for you. Ask the facility manager about insurance that could further protect your belongings.

Chelsea Mini Storage has all of these safety precautions to ensure the safety of everything that you store with us. As the largest storage facility in the United States, we understand the importance of security. For more information on our storage services, visit us online or call (888) 549-4090.