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3 Helpful Moving Tips

Packing up your home to move to a new place may seem daunting. Simply throwing your stuff into boxes can lead to broken items, disorganization, and huge hassles when trying to unpack. Before you bring your boxes to the storage center or your new home, follow these helpful moving tips.

  • Have the Right Tools

Always have these tools for packing: boxes, marking pens, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, tape measure, and newspaper. Make sure to have extras of each item because you probably have more stuff than you think. Perhaps the most important things people often forget are marking pens and newspaper. Newspaper can help protect fragile items from damage during moving, and marking pens can make your move so much easier. Remember to mark which boxes should go where, whether in the kitchen, master bedroom, or a storage facility.

  • Make a List

Remember to write everything down. List the contents of every box in a dedicated notebook. You want to avoid searching through hundreds of boxes just to find the bed sheets. Also, remember to be specific: "Medium saucepans" is better than "pans."

  • Make Sure There's Parking

You're probably going to use multiple vehicles or a large moving truck, so make sure you have adequate parking. If you're moving to a new house, then this might be relatively easy because the truck can park in your driveway or out front. However, if you're moving into an apartment building, you need to ensure your truck won't get cited for parking or that you'll be able to reserve an elevator for yourself.

For more moving tips or tools, be sure to visit Chelsea Mini Storage. We have versatile storage centers and storage facilities for self-storage if you can't move everything into your home right away. Call us at (888) 549-4090 and let us help you with your next move!

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