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The Ruthless World of Storage Unit Auctions

Ever wonder what happens to peoples’ self storage units when they don't pay their bills? Just like your apartment, if the rent isn’t paid, the tenant is kicked out.  In storage units, the tenant is someone’s extra stuff, and rent is delinquent, the unit needs to be emptied. In order to combat losses from delinquent rent, storage facilities decided to start auctioning off the units and everything in them!

People go crazy over these storage unit auctions! As soon as one is announced, you can expect many to show up and begin the bidding war. Inside these storage sheds, there’s no limit as to what you might find; guns, diamonds, and even cars have been found in units. Storage unit auctions used to be quite unpopular, but after reality TV shows started highlighting the excitement, zounds of people started seeking them out.  They’re still not heavily advertised, so if you’re interested, it’s best to call the company itself.

Be sure to show up early to get a parking spot, and also be sure you bring a large truck to haul everything away. When it’s time to start bidding, an auctioneer will come out and take you to the first unit. He will open up the shed and allow you to look around, but you are not allowed to step inside. After everyone has had a chance to survey it, the bidding begins.

Once you have purchased your unit, you will move on to other units continuing the bidding. Once all bidding is over, you will pay for the auctions you’ve won, and then clear out the unit entirely. Some places will even offer a cleaning discount if you clean it all out, including sweeping the floor.

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