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Shipping Options in Manhattan

Sending and receiving mail securely is important, whether you’re waiting to receive a personal package or need to send out business correspondence. At Chelsea Mini Storage, our mini storage facility is also home to a comprehensive shipping and mail receiving center. We can help you with shipping services and storage rental in Manhattan for the utmost in convenience and service, all in one location.

Benefits of Working with a Shipping Center

Visiting a shipping center for your packing and mailing needs offers you the utmost in convenience, providing cost-effective shipping options that will save you time and money.

  • Working with a packing and shipping center means you can get everything done in one place. You won’t need to spend time and money driving to the store to purchase boxes, then traveling to the post office to ship them.
  • The right box size and packing materials are essential to ensuring your package reaches its destination safely. Your shipping center has everything you need to properly pack any item to reduce the risk of damage during shipping.
  • Chelsea Mini Storage’s onsite shipping center allows you to package and mail business inventory right out of your secure storage unit quickly and easily from a single location. Alternatively, if you’re planning a move, you can ship items you’ve placed in storage right to your destination, rather than requiring your movers to pick them up at an increased cost.

Smart Packaging Tips

The key to ensuring your items reach their destination safely is proper packaging. At Chelsea Mini Storage’s onsite shipping center, we offer a wide variety of boxes, packing materials, and shipping options to minimize effort and maximize benefits, whether you need to mail a single item or are preparing a large shipment. You can reach our storage facility by phone at (212) 564-7735 for more information about shipping, mailbox rental, and self storage options.

  • Although recycling is a great concept, using boxes that are past their prime can put shipped items at risk. When packaging items for mailing, only use new or like-new boxes. If the box you plan to use is ripped or water-damaged, recycle it and purchase a new one.
  • Avoid boxes that fit your items exactly, as this leaves no room for packaging. Use a box with one to two inches of clearance on all sides of your item to accommodate peanuts or bubble wrap.
  • Placing small items in a box that is much too large increases the chances that they will shift and break when handled. Mailing a box that is too large will also cost you more money in terms of interior packaging and shipping price.