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Manhattan Moving Services

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The right tools make any job easier, and moving is no exception. Extra storage for furniture can help you stage your home, while professional moving services take all the stress out of packing and moving. If you're looking for moving assistance and secure self storage in Manhattan, Chelsea Mini Storage has the storage units and moving services you need for a local or long-distance move.

Moving Supplies You Shouldn't Do Without

Having the right moving supplies on hand will keep your belongings safe and organized during your move:

  • Boxes: Make sure your moving boxes are in good condition; dirty or deteriorating boxes can damage your belongings or break in transit.
  • Packing Tape: High-quality packing tape will ensure your boxes will stay securely shut, whether they're going into storage or being transported immediately to your new home.
  • Inventory System: Number each box in permanent marker and keep a list of the items packed in each box to avoid losing items and make unpacking much simpler.
  • Packing Material: Packing and moving fragile items calls for packing material to add cushioning and prevent breakage. You can purchase or reuse packing materials such as styrofoam, bubble wrap, and newsprint; alternatively, consider using extra clothing as padding to cut down on the number of boxes you need to move.

Dos and Don'ts for an Easier Move

Whether you're moving near or far, following a few simple guidelines will ensure your experience is a good one. If you're planning a move in the NYC area, call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090 to discuss our moving services in Manhattan.

  • Do pack everything well in advance of moving day. Start packing as soon as possible to give yourself plenty of time without feeling rushed or stressed. If you need extra storage space for completed boxes, consider renting a storage unit to keep your home more organized during the packing process.
  • Don't throw items into boxes helter-skelter. Try to pack one room at a time and group like items into the same box. Organize before your move, rather than after it, to avoid moving items you don't need and cluttering your new home.
  • Do downsize as you pack; every time you fill a box, make sure it's only with items you both need and want. If you haven't used something in one to two years, now is a great time to throw it away or donate it.
  • Don't ignore the benefits of hiring a moving and storage company to help you out. Check out local moving services and explore all your options to find out how hiring professionals can make your move easier and less stressful.