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5 Tips to Organize Your Stuff

Keeping your things organized can be a real chore and one that seems never-ending.  Here are some tips that should help to keep both the large and the small neat and organized.

  1. When buying furniture, think drawers.  Furniture can come outfitted with extra nooks and crannies that provide you with room to keep your stuff organized.  For instance, both beds and sofas can come with built-in drawers, and loft beds are a great space saver. 
  2. Keep similar things together.  When you pack your stuff away, be careful to group things according to when you will be using them.  This cuts down on space and time spent searching for that other ski or garden rake—when everything is in the same place, there is no need to go hunting for the rest.
  3. Use a storage space.  Storage spaces can be a great solution when you are trying to organize your stuff.  A big problem that can be solved by renting a storage space is how to store seasonal equipment.  Gardening supplies or sports gear that are only used part of the year take up room for the rest of it. Using a storage space lets you stow what you do not need and make room for what you do.
  4. Use shelves.  Everywhere.  Add them in your closet, your pantry, to your walls in the living room—they can come in unique sizes and interesting designs to give your décor flair, and they increase your storage capacity.  Hooks are also an interesting option, and keeps things off of the ground.
  5. Fit your car into the garage.  Your garage is a great piece of space, and it should never become so cramped that your cars are banished outside.  What do you do?  There are many garage organizational systems that you can find incorporating shelves, hooks, bins, and drawers that will give you the space that you need to keep your items stored and your car under your roof.

If you are cramped for space and you are looking for a way to store your things in the New York City area, you should explore Chelsea Mini Storage, with affordable prices and the space to make you better organized.

Creative Ways to Use Self Storage

Self storage is a great option when you are pressed for space.  Moving from your parents’ home into a smaller space?  Or do you need a place to store your gardening tools, seasonal things, boxes of childhood toys, collections of old records, and your attic, garage, or spare room is already overflowing?  Self storage is an easy, secure, and month-to-month option that can keep your things safe and tidy.


Often, people use self storage as a solution to their space problem, especially while moving.  Because of the short-term leases, self storage can be temporary and last as long as you need it.  In a move, so many things are in a mess, that it makes sense to have a place to store whatever is in the way.  Also, if you are in the process of moving and have things to sell, storing those for-sale items waiting for a new home will make your job easier.  If you are looking to redecorate, moving out bulky objects can make the process go more smoothly while protecting your furniture.

It’s That Time of Year Again…

Self storage can also be a key part of your long term plans.  Seasonal equipment gathers dust in your garage for three-quarters of the year, but if you rent a storage space you can find a location for all of those things that spend most of their time getting in the way.  Everything from winter clothing, which can be bulky and easily eat up space, to sports gear—summer surfboards and winter snowboards—can find a great place to rest in a storage unit.  Self storage can also be a great tool for storing large equipment, like boats or motorcycles, which might not be so easily stored under a roof or in the city.

If you are looking for a place to store your things in the New York City area, Chelsea Mini Storage has room for you.  You can visit us online to learn more about our prices, space availability, security, and specials.

Housekeeping Tips: Garage Storage Ideas

Cramped garage?  Rachel Yatuzis, a  professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tennessee, offers some great tips on how to tidy up that cluttered garage.  Her tips?  Make sure you only keep what you absolutely need, and exercise the right of sentimental value only occasionally.  Use storage bins, keep them labeled, and avoid being a packrat.  And use hooks!  Hanging things is a great plan to keep your stuff off of the ground and still store it.  If you are looking for more space for your things, consider using Chelsea Mini Storage, located in New York City.

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