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A Storage Facility Vs. Your Garage

It can be easy to use your garage as extra storage space for all your extra stuff.  A little bit of Christmas here, the old couch there, and before you know it your whole garage has been taken over! 

If you want to be able to park your car in your garage again, then it might be time to clear some clutter and move some of your extra things to a storage center.  Using self-storage is a great way to limit the clutter in your home.  You can store your less frequently used items like holiday decorations and your children’s old artwork at the storage facility and spend less time moving it around your garage. 

Check out these great reasons to switch to a storage facility:

Security – Leaving your prized possessions in the garage is just not a smart idea.  How would you feel if your precious baby photos were damaged by a leaking roof or the extreme temperature changes of a garage?  Moving your items to a storage facility is a more secure option.  These storage centers often have temperature controlled rooms and 24 hour security. 

No Clutter – Having a cluttered up garage is a pain for any homeowner.  You probably spend hours digging out your lawn mower every summer and an equal amount of time trying to find all the Christmas decorations.  When you limit yourself to a mini storage unit, you are less likely to accumulate more junk and more likely to keep the space organized.

Functionality – Wouldn’t it be amazing to park your car in the garage again?  You wouldn’t have to worry about running over the box of old family albums or squeezing the car around grandma’s antique dresser.

If you are looking for a self storage center in the New York City area, then there is no better place to look than Chelsea Mini Storage.  We offer the best prices in Manhattan and are America’s largest self storage facility with over a million square feet of storage.  Check out our prices and facility benefits at our website.

Security at Your Storage Center

Storing your prized heirlooms at a storage center can be a little bit nerve-wracking if you don’t pick an adequate storage facility.  You probably go to great lengths to keep the items in your home safe from theft or destruction.  A self-storage center should be able to offer you the same level of comfort as your home, as far as possession security goes. 

Security at mini-storage facilities can vary from a basic alarm system to a state-of-the-art biometrics system.  Below are some of the more common security features you should look for before you storage your possessions.

General Alarm System – A good alarm system can be monitored or unmonitored by onsite security.  It might also be hooked into the local police system.  Check to see if the alarm system is a system wide setup or if each storage unit has its own alarm. 

Fire and Smoke Detectors – These devices can help save your prized possessions from a dangerous situation.  Ask if each unit has a device or if they are installed in the hallway.  You should also only choose a self-storage center that bans smoking on the property to prevent any unnecessary false alarms.

Cameras – A CCTV camera can do a lot to deter potential thieves.  See if your storage facility has set up CCTV cameras and ask where they are located.  You will definitely want to see one at the main entrance which should also be a restricted access entrance.  This means every customer is checked before they are allowed to enter to make sure they are a current customer and have business going into the mini-storage units.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we take security very seriously.  As America’s largest self storage center, we understand the concern customers have with selecting a secure mini-storage.  We have a state-of-the-art computerized alarm system, security guards located around the facility, and an on-site resident manager.  If you have any questions or concerns about security, contact our storage facility today. 

How to Clean the Clutter

If your house seems a little more packed with clutter than usual, check out this video from CBSNews Online on how to clear out the clutter.  

Expert and Real Simple contributor Kate Parker gives some great tips on decluttering your home office space. 

Clutter can make it difficult for you to find things, add stress to your life, and lead you to spend more money than necessary.  Whether you go out and buy a new stapler because you can’t find the old one, or lose important bills and papers, only to find out you are paying late fees and worse, clutter will no doubt cost you money. 

Check out the video on some simple steps you can take today to cut back on the problem. 

One great way to clear out the clutter is to enlist the help of a self-storage facility.  Chelsea Mini Storage is the perfect place to store your clutter…so it’s not cluttering your life!  Learn more about how we can help you on our website.

6 Items Frequently Kept At a Storage Center

Clutter is a major problem in American households.  Rather than getting rid of your treasured possessions, consider renting out a self-storage space.  A storage facility can give you a convenient home-away-from-home for your extra things. 

But what exactly should you store at a storage center?

Check out these 6 items that are frequently kept at storage centers:

  1. Holiday Decorations: No need to keep the Christmas box in the hall closet all year.  You can store the decorations and just pull them out of self-storage once a year.
  2. Children’s Old Art Projects: Old crayon drawings, your child’s first homework, school awards… you probably want to hold on to every scrap of paper they bring home.  They will no doubt appreciate having a few treasured items when then are older.
  3. Furniture: If you have recently moved, then you may find that your old furniture doesn’t quite fit in your new space.  A storage facility can store the items until you need them, instead of you having to sell the furniture and then buy it again when you need it.
  4. Heirlooms: Your grandmother’s old grandfather clock might not fit in your new home or with your current interior design, but there is no reason to get rid of such a treasured item.  Store the item unit you have the space to display it in your home.
  5. Collections: Maybe your wife isn’t such a big fan of your comic collection or your husband doesn’t understand the fascination with porcelain dolls.  You can use mini storage to store these items until you decide to sell them off or convince your partner that they really do have value.
  6. Luggage: Many families have multiple pieces of luggage for their yearly vacations.  If the luggage isn’t being used more than once or twice a year, why have it stuffed in the bottom of your already full closet.  You can even store out-of-season clothes in the luggage before you take them to your self-storage unit.

Looking for self-storage in Manhattan?  You should check out Chelsea Mini Storage, America’s largest self-storage facility with some of the lowest prices in the Manhattan area. 

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