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A Guide to Your Various Storage Unit Size Options

You might find that you have different self-storage needs at different times. Whether you want to store extra clothing or an entire apartment’s worth of belongings, your storage facility is sure to have a unit that caters to your needs. Use this guide to determine which unit will work the best for you:

  • Small-Space Storage

Storage units that range in size from 72 cubic feet up to 128 cubic feet work the best when you are simply trying to store boxes. If you want to put your winter clothes away for the summer, for example, then a 72 cubic foot unit will be all you need. A unit that is 128 cubic feet can comfortably fit 25 medium boxes or the contents of a small dorm. Mini storage will help you eliminate excess clutter in your home.

  • Apartment Storage

If you are looking to store larger items from your apartment, then you might want to look into a storage unit that is 200 cubic feet or more. Storage units up to 400 cubic feet will easily fit the contents of a studio apartment. They can also fit boxes of records for businesses or the contents of a bedroom of a large apartment.

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  • Larger Storage

To store all of the items from a one-bedroom apartment, you should find a storage unit that is at least 640 cubic feet. Your unit should also be at least 640 cubic feet if you are looking for space to store hundreds of legal boxes for a large business. The contents of a 2,000 square foot home can fit comfortably into a unit that is 1600 cubic feet. Ask the staff at the storage center for more information about which unit will sufficiently hold your belongings.

With the largest variety of modern steel-constructed storage units in the country, Chelsea Mini Storage has room for anything you need to store. To learn more, call (888) 549-4090.

Packing Tips to Make Loading and Unloading Your Possessions Less of a Chore

Most people have bad sentiments when it comes to moving, but with the right preparation, everyone can have a clean, organized, and easy move. Moving into a brand new home is an exciting adventure, and should not at all be a chore. Here are some packing tips to make moving a lot simpler.

Separate the Unwanted

Weeks before you move, take a look through all of your possessions and get rid of the items you no longer want. If you have clothes or furniture that you no longer wish to own, sell them or give them away. If you have items that you want to keep but which you will not use for a while, then rent a self-storage pod.

Get All Materials

To ensure safe travels of your belongings, buy and gather all necessary materials for moving day. You will need boxes of all sizes, packing material like bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, and tape.

Cardboard Box and Shipping Peanuts

Label Everything

If you pack each room individually, you can make the process of loading and unloading run much more smoothly by labeling every box. Some people use color-coding boxes per room, which saves time when sorting the boxes in your new home. However, the easiest thing you can do is write the room and box contents in permanent marker on each box.

Put Necessities and Valuables Aside

Make a list of the things you use every day like toiletries, a change of clothes, some food and kitchenware and utensils, and electronics. The day of your move, put all of those in one box and keep it with you. Make sure that you also keep your high-priced items and important documents close by at all times.

If you need to store your valuables or unwanted possessions for a time, rent a storage unit at Chelsea Mini Storage. Call us today for more information at (888) 549-4090 .

Do You Ever Wonder How To Keep All of Your Stuff Organized?

Keeping your things organized can be a real chore and one that seems never-ending.  Here are some tips that should help to keep both the large and the small neat and organized.

  • Buy furniture that offers additional storage space in its design. Look for furniture items that have extra drawers or shelves built in.
  • Keep things together that you're going to use together. When you need related items, make sure you can find them in the right place. This will cut down on the amount of time that you are searching for things.
  • Use a storage space.  Storage spaces can be a great solution when you are trying to organize your stuff. Using a storage unit for seasonal items is a great way to store all of your ski equipment during the summer, or all of your gardening items during the winter. This allows you to make room for what you do need for that time of year.
  • Utilize shelving. This is a great way to get things off the floor and also add some style to your living space. Shelves come in unique sizes and designs. This way, not only do they help you organize your life, they give your home some style.

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If you are cramped for space and you are looking for a way to store your things in the New York City area, you should explore Chelsea Mini Storage, with affordable prices and the space to make you better organized.

To Learn More About Renting Storage Space and Specialty Moving Boxes, Check Out These Resources!

Would you like to know more about specialty moving boxes and the benefits of renting storage space? Explore these helpful links below. For additional information, call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090.

  • Decide what box size is best for certain items in your home as you begin to pack for moving day.
  • Learn all about the different sizes and types of moving boxes available for relocating and storage.
  • Are you preparing to move into a new home? Use this Moving Day Checklist to make your experience less stressful.
  • Follow these home security tips to keep your loved ones and your valuables safe from theft or damage.
  • Find out more about protecting your valuables in a storage facility and what kind of security measures they use.

Moving Boxes

Moving Planner App for Android

If you’re planning to move items from your home to a storage facility, then you’ve probably begun packing. To make moving day relaxing and stress-free, download the Moving Planner app for Android phones today!

This app features a thorough checklist of everything you need to remember on moving day. You can add your own items or use the pre-programmed guides and lists. You can keep an item visible once you’ve checked it off, or you can hide the item to focus on the items that still need to be moved. With the Moving Planner for Android, you can create unlimited amounts of moving day checklists for easy packing, unpacking, and storage.

To assist you on moving day, call the professionals at Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090. We’ll help you reserve storage space and move your fragile items with care on moving day.

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