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How to Protect Your Storage

The purpose of your storage unit is to keep your property safe.  Safe means your possessions will be protected from the elements, untouched, and 100% accounted for.  In order to accomplish this, you will want to take the steps necessary to protect yourself.

Take a look at how you can protect yourself and your storage unit from harmful break-ins.

Use Good Locks

Don't skip the basics.  If you have items in storage that are worth protecting, then choose a lock that's worth using.  The most obvious way to protect yourself from break-ins will be to maximize access control.

Choose a Good Storage Center

Store your possessions at a storage center that has security as their top priority.  At Chelsea Mini Storage, we have state of the art Sonitrol Computerized Central Alarm System, including motion detectors, listening devices, perimeter contacts, closed circuit TV surveillance and interior/exterior video recording. We also have controlled entry sign-in and sign-out logs, elevator security guards, roaming security guards, resident on-site managers, modern lighting, and a fully sprinklered and alarmed building.

Itemize the Contents in Your Storage Unit

You'll also want to document all of the items you have in storage.  This way, in the event of a break-in, you'll be able to file a complete police report.  You'll also be able to list all of the items you have with your existing insurance policy, but you won't be able to do this unless you're organized.

Get Insurance

To get information on low cost mini-storage insurance, call 1-800-544-6464.

At Chelsea Mini-Storage, we do everything possible to stop break-ins before they happen.  That's why we take every step necessary to provide your storage unit with state-of-the-art security.  To learn more, visit our website or call us at 888-549-4090.


The Ruthless World of Storage Unit Auctions

Ever wonder what happens to peoples’ self storage units when they don't pay their bills? Just like your apartment, if the rent isn’t paid, the tenant is kicked out.  In storage units, the tenant is someone’s extra stuff, and rent is delinquent, the unit needs to be emptied. In order to combat losses from delinquent rent, storage facilities decided to start auctioning off the units and everything in them!

People go crazy over these storage unit auctions! As soon as one is announced, you can expect many to show up and begin the bidding war. Inside these storage sheds, there’s no limit as to what you might find; guns, diamonds, and even cars have been found in units. Storage unit auctions used to be quite unpopular, but after reality TV shows started highlighting the excitement, zounds of people started seeking them out.  They’re still not heavily advertised, so if you’re interested, it’s best to call the company itself.

Be sure to show up early to get a parking spot, and also be sure you bring a large truck to haul everything away. When it’s time to start bidding, an auctioneer will come out and take you to the first unit. He will open up the shed and allow you to look around, but you are not allowed to step inside. After everyone has had a chance to survey it, the bidding begins.

Once you have purchased your unit, you will move on to other units continuing the bidding. Once all bidding is over, you will pay for the auctions you’ve won, and then clear out the unit entirely. Some places will even offer a cleaning discount if you clean it all out, including sweeping the floor.

Chelsea Mini Storage provides one of the largest storage centers in New York City and surrounding areas. We have over 100 different storage unit sizes in our one million square foot, secure storage facility.

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Let's Storage iTunes App

Lets Storage App

When you’ve got just a few too many things in the house, it’s nice to have a place to keep them where you know they’ll be safe.  Self storage facilities offer you just that, but it can be pretty tough to remember what you have in storage, especially if you rent multiple units!

Consider your troubles over!  The app Let’s Storage allows you to keep track of everything you’ve put in storage, which unit you’ve put it in, and it even calculates an estimate amount of space left!

If you’re looking for a safe and secure place to put your extra things in New York City, contact Chelsea Mini Storage today!

3 Secrets to Preserving Your Family Heirlooms

shiny jewlery

As your family grows, heirlooms are passed down from generation to generation. They can be anything from first edition books to the wedding dress your great, great grandma wore. These items need to be treated very carefully and properly kept in a storage facility.

Storage centers can help keep your valuables well protected and free of any harm. They are gated, locked, and the only people who have access are those who are just as concerned about security as you are. Here are a few secrets to preserving your family heirlooms:                                                                                      

  1. Be sure to place all of your heirlooms in a place devoid of any type of light. It doesn't matter if the light is from the sun or fluorescent light bulbs, as they can both cause discoloring of paper and photographs. Having a closed storage box will help ensure that you avoid all light from entering and damaging your valuables.
  2. Cleanliness is another key factor in preserving your family’s heirlooms.  Make sure to clear out your storage unit of any pebbles, sharp objects, adhesives, and more.  If, for whatever reason, some kind of contaminant gets on your heirloom, then it has nothing but time to slowly sink in to the object and get comfortable.
  3. Heirlooms are very delicate objects that can get damaged very easily if not kept in a place with proper air conditioning. The air should be filtered and kept at a comfortable temperature: not too hot and not too cold. The air should also be free of any humidity; if water gets into contact with some items, then they can get damaged.

Chelsea Mini Storage is New York City's largest self storage center and provides storage to all of the surrounding areas. If you need to put away some valuables or need a place to store some extra stuff, we can serve you with our 1 million square foot facility. We even provide moving services if you need help bringing everything to your storage shed.

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