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Packing Fragile Items for Shipping: A How-To Guide

Are you shipping some of your belongings or having them moved into a storage unit? If so, then packing your fragile items the right way is essential for ensuring that they make it through the trip intact. Read on to learn how to pack your fragile belongings.

Gather Your Supplies

The first step in packing your fragile items the right way is to collect all the necessary packing materials. Typically, this will include packing paper, scissors, box cutters, foam wrap, foam peanuts, and bubble wrap. Also, pick up several types of tape, including masking, shipping, and duct tape, along with boxes of the proper sizes. For things like wine glasses, dishes, and mirrors, try to get boxes specifically designed for shipping these items.

Wrap Your Items

Securely packaging your fragile items is the key to preventing breakage. For items like glassware, wrap them in a layer of paper followed by bubble wrap. For mirrors, first place an “x” of masking tape across the glass to help prevent it from shattering. Then, cut 2 pieces of cardboard and place these on either side of the mirror before packaging it in foam wrap. Pay extra attention to the corners of the frame and fill in any extra space in the box with additional packing material.

Label Your Items

Before shipping your boxes, label them with words like “glass,” “mirror,” “fragile,” or all of these. Additionally, use a large, permanent market to make arrows that indicate which way the box should remain facing. In the case of picture frames and mirrors, keep in mind that they should never lay flat or have anything stacked on top of them. Label your boxes on each side and include information about what location or room they should be moved to.

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How Chelsea Postal Plus Can Help with Your Business' Shipping Needs

Whether you need to ship a large piece of furniture overseas or mail a small package of books to downtown New York, Chelsea Mini Storage can help. With Chelsea Mini Storage’s Postal Plus at your disposal, your business can quickly and efficiently ship a variety of items to your customers around the world. Read on to learn more about Chelsea Postal Plus and how it can benefit your business.

With Chelsea Postal Plus, you can rent mailboxes and send out packages as your business requires. Chelsea offers 25 different box sizes to accommodate any product you need to ship out. You will also have access to various shipping supplies, such as tape and bubble wrap. In addition to shipping supplies, Chelsea Postal Plus will deliver large boxes to your facility for free. These services and more will help legitimize your business and satisfy your customers.

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Why Grocery Store Boxes Aren't the Right Choice for Moving

When it comes to moving, the packing process can be the most time-consuming and stressful part. However, knowing the best ways to pack up your belongings can help streamline the process. Are you moving into a new home or planning to keep some of your belongings in a storage unit? If so, then you may be thinking about using grocery store boxes to pack your things.

First, it’s important to realize that grocery store boxes are designed to ship food and produce and then be discarded and were not made with the intention of safely transporting your personal items in a moving truck. Boxes that are manufactured for moving, however, offer greater durability, protection, and quality. Also, shipping boxes are clean, have standard sizes, and come in options made specifically for transporting things like picture frames, books, and dishware. For these reasons, grocery store boxes are not ideal for moving.

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Taping Boxes Properly

When you are preparing your stuff for self storage, you will need to place smaller items into boxes for transport. This video will provide you with simple instructions for taping up your boxes. Proper box taping starts by creating a secure bottom. Using your tape dispenser, you will be able to easily create a strong base along the middle of your box.

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The Best Way to Arrange Your Storage Unit

Moving your belongings into self storage requires careful planning and organization. If you choose to place your stuff into storage without creating a proper plan, you may not be able to sort through and locate your belongings when you need them the most. A facility that offers mini storage services will be able to provide you with answers to your questions about how to arrange your storage unit. Here are three quick organization tips that can help you get ready for your move into storage.

Place Large Items First

When you are arranging items in your storage unit, you will want to place any large and bulky items in the space first. Certain items, such as furniture and large boxes, will take up less space when they are placed towards the back of your storage unit. In this location, large items can serve as a storage platform for smaller boxes.

Label Boxes Carefully

In order to get the most out of your storage unit arrangement, it is very important to label all of your storage boxes carefully. As you are placing your boxes into storage, proper labeling will help you know which boxes can be stored towards the back, and which ones need to be further towards the front of the unit.

Provide Easy Access

If you plan on accessing your storage unit at regular intervals, you will want to make sure that you can easily access your most used items. These boxes and items should be placed in your storage unit last, so that they will be the first things that you see when you open the doors to your unit.

For help with choosing and arranging your self storage unit, be sure to get in touch with Chelsea Mini Storage by calling (212) 564-7735. With our safe storage in Manhattan, you can rest assured that your items are stored in a secure location. We look forward to helping you rent a unit at our facility.

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