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How to Properly Package Your Items for Shipment

Whether you need to ship your belongings across the country or put them in a storage unit until you can retrieve them, you should make sure you pack them properly. Proper packaging will keep your things safe until you or your intended recipient can access them again. Continue reading for tips on how to properly package your items for shipment.

When you’re getting ready to ship something across the world or to the next town over, you should take the time to package it properly. You can start by purchasing sturdy packing boxes that were actually meant for packing, because used boxes might break down after packing. You should also add bubble wrap or newspaper to boxes with fragile materials for extra padding, which is a great idea for glassware and sentimental materials. Make sure your items and their padding fill out the entire box so there’s no room for movement.

For more help in packing your belongings properly, feel free to call Chelsea Mini Storage at (212) 564-7735. Our team specializes in moving services and storage near Manhattan, so we know everything there is to know about safe packing. Check out our website to see how we can help you.

Steps You Should Take to Prepare for a Move

There are probably plenty of entries on your to-do list if you’re getting ready to move, which is why preparation is so important. It’s a good idea to check out your new neighborhood, obtain the right packing materials, and find a mini storage unit that suits your needs. Here are a few steps you might want to take to prepare for a move.

Visit Your New Neighborhood

For some movers, thinking about their new homes and neighborhoods can be enough to take the stress out of the whole process. If you want to get yourself and your family pumped up for the move, go visit the neighborhood that you’ll be moving into. In addition to raising the excitement level and motivation, this will also give you the opportunity to pick out some landmarks that will help you gain your bearings when you move in.

Stock Up on Materials

You won’t want to be scrambling for packing materials the day of the move, so it’s best to stock up well in advance. There are a few crucial items you’ll need when it comes to packing. Pick up a few sturdy moving boxes, buy some packing tape, and look for thick permanent markers. You’ll need the boxes and tape to secure your items, and you can use the markers to label your boxes for easy access and unpacking.

Rent a Storage Unit

It can be tough to focus on the move when you’re tripping over clutter, so consider renting a storage unit. This will give you a place to safely store your belongings, making it that much easier to clear out your current living space when preparing to move to the next one. You can always visit your self storage unit whenever you need to.

If you are getting ready for a move and need a storage unit near Manhattan, you can always call Chelsea Mini Storage at (212) 564-7735. Cheap storage in NYC is our forte, and we promise to offer you some of the most secure self storage units around. You can learn all about us by checking out our website.

Spotlight on our Specialty Size Units

When you are considering your self storage options, it is important to make sure that your facility offers a unit that is the appropriate size for your needs. At Chelsea Mini Storage, we are thrilled to offer specialty size units for our customers. Our specialty size units are much larger than our standard units, and they can be used to store oversized items or bulk materials. If you are in need of a somewhat larger storage space, you can opt for our 2112 cubic foot unit. For those customers that are in need of very large storage areas, we also offer units that are up to 7920 cubic feet in size.

To receive a quote for specialty mini storage in Manhattan, contact Chelsea Mini Storage. As a leading NYC storage facility, we are pleased to offer safe storage in a variety of sizes. For additional information about our specialty units, call us at (212) 564-7735.

3 Ways a Storage Unit Can Help You Get Organized

The spring season is just around the corner, and now is a terrific time to plan a seasonal cleanup around your home. By clearing away clutter and organizing your belongings, you can get a fresh start for the coming season. A facility that offers self-storage can provide you with the space that you need to clear out your home and manage all of your stuff. Here is a look at three ways that a storage unit can help you jump start your household organization project.

Store Extra Stuff

Whether you live in a small apartment or a larger home, chances are that your household tends to accumulate stuff over the years and seasons. Rather than keeping items that you rarely use in your home, you can boost your organization by placing them in storage. From sporting goods to furniture, a storage unit is a great place to put your extra belongings.

Clear Out Indoor Spaces

Getting organized can be difficult when the rooms around your house are filled with your belongings. To supercharge your organizational project, you can place many of your household items in temporary storage while you organize and clean your home. Moving your stuff into storage will help you assess which items are essentials, and which can be discarded.

Get Organizational Advice

The team at your self storage unit may also be able to provide you with essential tips and tricks that will help you get organized for your move. Your storage professionals can help you sort and label your boxes, and may also be able to provide you with other organizational strategies.

If you are interested in renting mini-storage in Manhattan, look no further than Chelsea Mini Storage. Our NYC storage facility can provide you with the extra storage space that you need to get organized this spring, and we will be happy to provide you with information about our moving services. Call us at (212) 564-7735 to learn more about our storage facility.

Preparing Your Pet for Moving Day

Moving can be a very stressful experience for your pet. In this video, you will learn about how to keep your furry friend as comfortable and relaxed as possible when you are getting ready for a move. In order to get your pet ready for moving day, you will want to set up a comfortable and safe travel crate. A mini storage company that offers moving services can provide you with more moving advice for your family.

If you are in need of moving or storage near Manhattan, look no further than Chelsea Mini Storage. Our top rated self storage facility can assist you with every phase of your family’s move. To learn more about our current self storage rates, call us at (212) 564-7735.

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