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Spotlight on Storing Collectibles

Mini Storage ManhattanIf you’re inclined to collect things—especially items that hold high monetary, historical, or sentimental value—then you know how important it is to keep your collectibles safe and sound. Check out the following suggestions to make sure your valuables are protected—whether they’re in a container underneath your bed or housed in a self-storage unit in a secure storage facility.

First and foremost, be sure to store your collectibles somewhere safe. The last thing you want is to store them in a place where they could potentially be harmed. Pack your collectibles for storage according to their specific needs. For example, fragile items—such as glassware and ceramics—should be wrapped in protective layers and placed in well-insulated containers. Important documents should be stored in a space without extreme humidity fluctuations, constant sun exposure, and environmental hazards.

Are you looking for a safe place to store your collectibles? If so, look no further than Chelsea Mini Storage. We specialize in mini storage and secure self-storage, and we also offer moving services in Manhattan. For more information, contact us at (212) 564-7735.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Quality Moving Truck

When you need to move your home, office, or collectibles to a Manhattan storage facility, you have to be prepared—especially if you’re planning to rent a moving truck. Here are some key things you should know to help make choosing a quality moving truck a breeze.

Volume of Belongings extra storage Manhattan

Before you can make the right decision on which kind of moving truck to rent, you have to make an inventory of everything that’s going to be moved—including boxes, furniture, appliances, and electronics. The amount of stuff you have to move and the size of your storage unit should determine the size of truck you’ll need. Check out your moving company’s truck-sizing guidelines to help you choose the right vehicle. Otherwise, consult with your local moving and storage experts in NYC for additional guidance.

Truck Size

One of the most critical aspects to think about when choosing a moving truck is size. Renting a moving truck that’s too small or too big can create unnecessary problems. Usually, the easiest way to choose a moving truck with the right capacity is to count the number of rooms you’re moving. For instance, a 20-foot truck can carry four to five average-sized rooms full of stuff, while a truck that’s 26 feet can hold six to eight rooms full. Another method is to use a truck’s square footage to determine capacity.

Sensitive Belongings

Not all moving trucks are equipped to move items that require special care, such as priceless artwork, hazardous chemicals, or bio-hazardous materials. You should consider hiring professionals who are trained and certified to move these items safely.

Hiring skilled help is key when moving belongings in or out of a mini-storage facility. Chelsea Mini Storage is one of the best storage facilities near Manhattan. We offer secure storage units, as well as excellent moving services in NYC. Call us today at (212) 564-7735 for more information.

How to Pack and Move 101

At some point in a person’s life, he or she will have to pack up and move. Whether you’re moving from one home to another, or just moving some of your things to a self-storage unit to create more space, you need to be organized. It’s also important to be mindful of how you pack your various possessions and move them. Check out this fun and informative video for some great tips on how to properly pack and move.

Chelsea Mini Storage is one of the best storage facilities in Manhattan. We offer premium and secure storage units at reasonable prices. Call us today at (212) 564-7735 to inquire about our rates or to schedule a tour.

Supplies That You May Need to Pack for Storage

When you are in need of extra storage around your house, you may want to consider getting a mini storage unit in Manhattan. With the space that is offered by a storage room, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of storage capacity for all of your belongings. A company offering mini storage in your area can provide you with terrific deals on a self storage space. To help you get ready for your storage rental, here is a look at some supplies that you may need to pack for storage.

Boxes moving and storage nyc Manhattan

Boxes are among the most essential storage room supplies. When you are gearing up to place your belongings into storage, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of boxes on hand. From packing miscellaneous items to books and more, boxes are very useful when you are packing up for a move into storage.


Tape is another essential packing supply. After you have filled each box with its contents, you will want to seal the box with sturdy packing tape. Packing tape is engineered with strong fibers that will not break when you are moving your boxes. Tape can also be used to secure items in your moving truck.

Packing Paper

When you are packing more delicate items, you will want to make sure that you have packing paper on hand. By wrapping fragile items in packing paper, you can ensure that they do not break or chip during your move. Along with packing paper, bubble wrap is also useful for storing delicate objects.

If you are seeking cheap storage in NYC, be sure to contact Chelsea Mini Storage, LLC. Our storage facility offers many different storage units, and we can help you find the perfect storage option for your needs. Call us at (212) 564-7735 to learn more about the quality storage service services that we have to offer you.

Storage How Tos: Arranging Your Storage Unit

moving and storage nyc Manhattan

When you rent a mini storage unit, it is essential to make sure that all of your belongings are properly arranged and organized. By taking the time to sort and organize your items when you place them into mini storage, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble finding your belongings when you need to access them. In order to arrange your storage unit, you will need to create a plan. Large, bulky items and items that you will only need to access infrequently can be placed in the back of your storage unit. Smaller items and items that you will need frequent access to can be placed towards the front.

When you are seeking mini storage in Manhattan, be sure to contact Chelsea Mini Storage. We provide our customers throughout NYC with high quality storage units and moving services. Call us at (212) 564-7735 to learn more about our top rated storage services.

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