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Getting Settled in Your New Home

When you complete the moving process, you may be tempted to take time to relax in your new space. While it is important to take it easy after your big day, there are certain steps that you should take after you have completed your move. For example, you should check to make sure that your utilities are turned on. In addition, you may want to change all of the locks to your new residence. For a closer look at how to get settled in your new home, check out this video.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we provide highly rated mini storage in NYC. Whether you are in need of extra storage for your home or business, our highly rated facilities will be sure to meet your needs. To learn more about our mini storage units, give us a call at (212) 564-7735.

The Importance of Onsite Security

Mini Storage ManhattanWhen selecting a storage unit facility, there are many factors to consider. While self-storage, price, location, and amount of allotted space are all important, however, the peace of mind of knowing that your personal belongings are safe in their home away from home is especially important. You can make certain that your items are safely stored by finding a storage unit facility with onsite security. Onsite security is able to provide protection that is unmatched by surveillance cameras alone. Having someone onsite takes the extra step in security.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, the safety and security of your personal items is important to us. Not only do we employ multiple security guards to monitor the entrance and hallways, our storage facility has invested in a state of the art alarm system. We monitor everyone who enters and exits with a controlled visitor log. Above all else, we use your lock and your key, making us your choice for secure self-storage in Manhattan.

What to Do Before You Move

When planning a move, there is no shortage of tasks to be completed. Start by getting organized and making a checklist. Once the major items are ticked off—ending your lease, selling your home, signing a new lease, buying a new home—it is time to start preparing for the actual move. If you are moving within the same city, renting a storage unit is a great way to minimize the burden of moving everything at once as well as having additional storage space. When moving, there are some important things to make sure you have covered.

Find a Moving Company extra storage space Manhattan

Even for smaller moves, hiring a moving company can take the stress out of transporting all of your belongings from one location to another. No matter how far the move, leaving it to the professionals ensures your move is handled with care. Find a company you can trust. A good moving company should be upfront and able to answer all of your questions about your moving needs.

Pack Boxes

If you want to stay organized during and after your move, you should pack all of your belongings in clearly marked boxes. This will help in packing up your old home, as well as unpacking in your new home. It can also help determine what should be moved into storage.

Find a Storage Unit

You should find a storage unit near your new home. A storage unit is a great way to increase your storing capacity. Items that you do not use year round, such as winter clothing, holiday decorations, or materials for hobbies are just some of the examples of what can go into storage. If you move items into a storage unit when you are already packed and moving, it can save you from additional packing and moving. By doing it all at once, you can save time and money.

Learn more about moving and storage near Manhattan by contacting Chelsea Mini Storage. Call (212) 564-7735 and be sure to ask about our local moving services!

Last Minute Move Prep

Whether you have been planning a move for months or have saved everything for the last minute, the day before your move can be stressful and full of last minute moving preparations. From packing to finding extra storage, there is a lot to get done.

For helpful tips on making the most of your last minute move prep, watch this video. In it, you will discover helpful pieces of information—such as packing a moving day survival bag—that can come in handy.

When looking for moving services, look no further than Chelsea Mini Storage. In addition to moving services in Manhattan, we also offer secure self-storage units. Learn more about our extra storage today by calling (212) 564-7735

What Type of Storage Unit is Right for Your Needs?

Whether you are planning a big move, or are simply in need of some extra space in your apartment, storage units can provide you with the ample storage you need for all of your belongings. When you are considering renting storage units in Manhattan, you will have a few different types of rentals to choose from. By selecting the right storage facility, you can get the most out of your storing experience. Here is a look at how to choose the right storage unit for your needs.

Consider Your Items Mini Storage Manhattan

When you are selecting a storage unit, it is important to consider all of the items that you will be storing. For example, if you are planning to store a few small boxes, you will probably be best suited by a smaller storage unit. Large furniture or bulky items will require extra storage space in order to be housed properly.

Evaluate Location

As you are considering renting a storage unit, you should also make sure that you choose a storage unit location that is convenient for you. By selecting a conveniently located storage facility, you will be able to easily access your items. Doing your research will help you find a storage unit in the best location.

Ask About Climate-Control and Security

Climate-control and security are two essential factors that you will need to consider when you are selecting a storage unit. By moving your belongings in to a climate-controlled facility, you can rest assured that they will not be affected by heat or cold. A secure storage unit will provide you with total peace of mind when you place your belongings in storage.

When you are seeking a high-quality storage unit rental in Manhattan, be sure to contact Chelsea Mini Storage. We proudly serve the NYC area with top quality storage units, and we will be able to provide you with the best storage services around. Call us at (212) 564-7735 to learn more about the storage units that we have available.

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