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Getting to Know Our Mailing and Shipping Center

Mail and Shipping at Chelsea Mini StorageSecure self-storage in Manhattan can really come in handy when you are going through processes such as moving and renovating, or if you just need some extra space to safely keep some of your personal items. Other services that may help with these processes are packaging, shipping, and mailing.

The mailing and shipping center at Chelsea Mini Storage will help you take care of all your shipping needs. You give us the package and we do all of the work. Items can be sent both internationally and domestically.

Our mailing and shipping service is called Chelsea Postal Plus, and we offer mailbox rentals, free box delivery for large orders, packaging supplies such as tape and bubble wrap, and copying and fax services.

You can call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090 to find out more information about our mailing and shipping center. We are here to make sure residential and commercial customers have a place to send and receive packages, purchase boxes, or rent a mailbox.

A Look at How to Stage Your Home

How to Stage Your HomeHome staging refers to the process of preparing a home to be sold. Staging a home can help to highlight the selling points of a house and draw greater interest from potential home buyers. Using storage units near Manhattan to keep your own furniture out of the way can help you stage your home more freely. Here are a few simple tips for staging your house:

Get rid of Clutter.
Utilize self storage units in order to help clean up your home for public viewing. Clutter makes a home look unappealing and hinders your ability to highlight your home’s best features. You want to make sure your home looks clean and tidy so buyers feel like they are purchasing a home that has been in good hands and does not lack storage space.

Clean the House.
A buyer will always want to look for a clean home; stains, mold, and other problems make people worry about unseen complications that could arise if they were to purchase the home. Make sure to scour the shower doors and clean the bathroom walls. If your cabinets are looking dated, stain them to make your kitchen look newer and more appealing. Also make sure to fill any hardware holes.

Depersonalize your Space.
One of the biggest tips for home staging is to make sure the space is free of personalization so that each buyer who comes to visit can imagine the home as their own. Make sure the master bedroom can appeal to both sexes, and take down any family photos or mementos.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint.
Some people may think that white walls are the way to go when staging a house, creating a blank canvas for the imaginations of potential buyers. White, however, can be quite uninviting on its own. A better option is to go with warmer neutral tones.

While you’re staging your home, you may need to store some of your belongings out of the way. Call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090 and we will help you find the right storage solution for your needs.

How to Pack Your Moving Truck

If you have been looking into moving services in Manhattan, you could probably use some tips on how to pack a rented truck on moving day. Moving can be a stressful process, but with some quick tips, it can be a much smoother process.

Start filling the truck from the back of the cargo area and work your way toward the opening. As you do this, you will want to start with large, heavy items such as furniture and pack smaller items later. Make sure to lay items with wheels or rollers on the side so that they do not move around. For more tips, watch this video on how to making moving day easier.

If you need self-storage or moving supplies near Manhattan, give Chelsea Mini Storage a call at (888) 549-4090. We are your one-stop shop for all of your moving, shipping, and storage needs.

Understanding the Different Types of Storage Units

Types of Storage Units in ManhattanIf you’re looking for extra storage in Manhattan, it might be helpful to understand the different types of storage units available to you. Storage units offer extra space for vehicles, documents, furniture, or other personal items that may need a home between moving from place to place. Read on to find out more about the types of storage units available, such as personal and portable container units.

Personal Storage Units
Personal storage units can be used to house personal or business documents, furniture, and other important items while you are relocating your home or office. These storage units are typically available for short-term use, so they can really come in handy while you are doing renovations.

Climate Controlled Storage Units
These kinds of storage units are popular because the area is kept at a perfect temperature that assures your items do not get damaged because of extreme weather conditions or temperatures. Using a climate controlled space can protect items against cracking and warping, yellowing, rust, and mold, as well as pest and rat infestations.

Vehicle Storage Units
If you’re planning to be away from home for a while and want to have a safe space to leave your car, a vehicle storage unit may be a good option. Vehicle storage units offer security and protect against weather damage.

Portable Container Storage Units
These storage units are very effective for those who live a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the move. The containers are brought to your home or office to be filled. Once they are filled, the storage company will pick them up and return them to the warehouse to be stored. When your items are needed again, they will be transported back to wherever they need to be.

If you would like some help determining which kind of storage unit is best for you, call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 549-4090. We’re pleased to help you learn more about the different options for self-storage that are available to you.

A Look at Moving Specials from Chelsea Mini Storage

Everyone knows that living in Manhattan can be expensive. That is also why every Manhattanite loves a great deal. If you are looking for deals on moving services or storage units near Manhattan, read on to learn about moving specials from Chelsea Mini Storage.

Moving can be a hassle, but Chelsea Mini Storage is making it less painful by offering two and half free hours of moving and discount moving supply specials. Moving in Manhattan can be daunting, but luckily Chelsea Mini Storage is offering free curbside pickup with selected unit rentals. Take advantage of the great specials Chelsea Mini Storage has in store for you this summer, including sales on all units!

If you want to learn more about how we can make moving less of a hassle for you while also saving you money, call Chelsea Mini Storage today at (888) 549-4090. You can also visit us at our website to read more about our moving services.

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