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Signs You Need More Storage Space

Are you considering the idea of getting extra storage near Manhattan, but wondering if more storage is really what you need? Extra storage can make all the difference in taking your home or office from cluttered to organized, and the space can come in handy for many different reasons. If you’re on the fence about storage rental, here are some signs that it could work for you.

Your Closet Is Overflowing
If your closet is bursting at the seams, the first solution may be to get rid of what you’re not using and don’t need, but you may find that none of your belongings actually fall into that category. Maybe it’s your wedding dress, cap and gown, childhood scrapbooks, or other sentimental items that you can’t simply haul off to a thrift store, or maybe you just have a supersized wardrobe that needs to be swapped out seasonally. Whatever the case, you can clear out space in your closet while still keeping the items you want by using a storage unit.

You Can’t Use Your Garage
The primary intended use of garages is storing cars, but for many people, the cars stay outside while the garage becomes a makeshift storage facility. Use your garage for its intended purpose and move your excess belongings to a storage unit. With self-storage, you’ll be able to keep your belongings more organized and won’t have to sacrifice any of your home’s functionality.

You Have Seasonal Items
Seasonal decorating might keep your home looking festive all year long, but all of those decorations can take up considerable space. Instead of taking up closet space or using the guest room for storage, put your seasonal decorations in a storage facility, where you can keep them organized and easy to access.

Chelsea Mini Storage makes self-storage easy with a variety of unit sizes to meet all needs and budgets. What kind of storage is right for you? Call us at (866) 755-9101 for more information on our units and pricing.

Packing Your Kitchen Appliances for Storage

To properly pack your kitchen appliances at a storage facility near Manhattan, you'll need medium and large boxes, packing paper, and towels or packing blankets. Make sure that your appliances are clean, dry, and free of food crumbs or residue. To wrap a small appliance, place the item on the lower third of a piece of paper, roll over the other end, fold in the sides, and fasten the paper shut with tape. Once they're all wrapped, place the appliances in boxes, and fill the in-between spaces with wads of paper. When a box is full, top it off with a towel, close it, tape it shut, and mark it "kitchen appliances.” Check out this video to find out more.

Chelsea Mini Storage is the leading place for secure storage units in Manhattan. To learn more about our storage units, moving supplies, or moving services, visit our website or call (866) 755-9101.

Tips for Storing Antiques

If you're an avid antiques collector, you might accumulate more items than you have space for in your house or apartment. When your collection outgrows your living quarters, it's probably time to place some things into storage units at a storage facility near Manhattan. But before you rent a mini storage unit, be sure to pack everything properly so that nothing gets damaged in your car, in the moving truck, or at the storage facility.

Fragile Items
If you are storing fragile items like china or glass, the packing material that you use should vary according to the size of each item. For smaller things like tea cups and glasses, use foam pouches and store them in glass pack kits. When it comes to bigger things like glass serving trays, cover them all around with bubble wrap or furniture pad material. With packed silver, nearby camphor blocks work as an anti-tarnishing guard. Bubble wrap or furniture pads are the most suitable packing materials for fragile vases. With all of these items, the packing material should be fastened with tape or twine, and the materials packed tightly.

Antique Furniture
Wooden antiques are best stored in furniture pads, though it's a good idea to polish the wood in advance of wrapping. When you place wooden furniture into a storage unit, put padding or cloth underneath. To keep the wood from cracking or warping, only store such items in climate-controlled facilities; this will protect the items from any temperatures that could compromise the structural integrity of antique wood. Before you load these things into a vehicle, determine the safest way to transport them from one point to another, whether by hand or hand truck.

For secure storage units in Manhattan, call Chelsea Mini Storage at (866) 755-9101. Whether you need a space to store furniture or an antique collection, we have numerous storage units available on our 1,000,000-square-foot premises. We also offer a service for sending and receiving mail, as well as moving services for local, cross-country, and international relocations.

Picking a New Neighborhood for Your Move

Moving to a new area requires a lot of planning and foresight. If you're putting items into storage near your new home, you must check in advance for available storage units near Manhattan. Other things to investigate about a new area include community safety, local amenities, and living costs.Continue reading to find out more.

Community Safety
The most important thing to look for when choosing a new community is safety. What are the local crime rates of the area, and what kinds of crimes occur most often? You can find this kind of information online. If you have any children of school age, investigate the area's schools to make sure that the administrators are responsible, attentive, and tough on bullying and peer discrimination.

Local Amenities
When selecting a house, condo, or apartment, you should consider its proximity to local amenities . Are there supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, storage units, and hospitals within a reasonable range? Another thing to consider is the distance between home and work. If you're going to be using public transportation, what's the state of buses, rail cars, or subways in the area?

Living Costs
If you're relocating due to a higher paying job, you should also be mindful of living costs in the new area. You might be earning twice as much, but will things like rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries also cost double or more what you're used to paying? Also do some research into property values in the area, looking at both the current housing prices and projected rises or drops in value.

If you're moving to or from Manhattan, Chelsea Mini Storage can help. Our storage facility offers local, national, and international moving services, as well as storage units for furniture and personal collections of all sizes. Call us at (866) 755-9101 to learn more about our storage units.

Essential Supplies for Moving Day

Hiring moving services in Manhattan is the first step in a smooth and stress-free move. Getting the right moving supplies is another. Without the right supplies, you won't be able to pack effectively, and your entire day will be slowed down. Here's a look at what you need, whether you're moving your belongings to a self-storage unit or a new house.

Start by having the right amount of sturdy boxes. Instead of using old boxes from the grocery store, which can be weak and damaged, invest in boxes from your moving company or storage company. Gather old newspaper for wrapping fragile belongings and large garbage bags for packing bedding and other last-minute items. You will also need packing tape, stretch wrap to protect mirrors and artwork, and a binder to keep all of your moving notes and documents organized.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, you'll find all of the supplies you need for your move, plus all of the extra storage space you need as you transition to a new home. Find out how our storage facility can help you by visiting our website or calling (866) 755-9101.

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