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How to Choose a Storage Unit

You've made the decision that you need extra storage near Manhattan. Now you have to decide what self-storage unit is right for you. There are many different considerations that go into choosing a storage facility and an individual unit. Here are some of the things you should consider when selecting a storage facility.

Consider Size

Storage UnitsSize is, of course, the first and possibly the most important thing you need to decide on when selecting a storage facility. Most storage facilities offer sizing guidelines to help you choose the right fit. You can also find storage calculators online. Don't forget that you can stack boxes, but you won't want them stacked from floor to ceiling, as they will be difficult to access. It's also advisable to choose a unit with enough space for you to keep an access lane open for walking around so that all of your belongings are within easy reach.

Ask about Security

Security is a major concern in a storage facility. You need to feel confident that your belongings will be adequately protected. Find out what kind of security system the property has and whether they have video surveillance, security guards, and on-site managers around the clock to ensure the units aren't tampered with.

Understand the Access Hours

It's important that your storage unit be available to you when it fits into your schedule, so investigate the hours of operation of your facility. The office hours are the times during which someone is on-site to deal with rentals and other concerns. Gate hours are the times during which you can come in and out of the facility. Make sure these times fit into your schedule.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we offer a range of storage unit sizes and an around-the-clock, multi-layered security system for the ultimate protection. To find out if we have the right storage unit for your needs, call (866) 755-9101.

Packing Your Clothes When You Move

Moving can be a stressful life experience. When you are getting ready to move, you can reduce your stress by packing your clothing carefully. You may want to invest in special clothing boxes, which contain durable rods for hanging your clothes. As you are packing your clothes in these boxes, you can hang clothing from the rods to keep each item organized. For a close look at how to pack your clothes when you move, watch this video from Howcast.

At Chelsea Mini Storage, we offer all of the storage and moving services you need for your upcoming move. Whether you require additional space in a self storage facility, or are simply looking for help with the moving process, we will be there to assist you. Call us at (888) 549-4090 to learn more about our great storage facility. 

Maximizing Your Storage Unit Space

Packing items

When you rent a storage unit, there are several ways to stay organized and maximize your space. By staying organized throughout the move into storage, you will ensure that you can easily access all of your belongings. To maximize your storage unit space, you can begin by identifying and labeling all of your boxes. As you are arranging boxes in your storage unit, be sure to keep boxes that you will be accessing frequently towards the front of the unit. In addition, it is a good idea to store large or heavy items at the bottom of the unit.

If you are seeking a terrific storage unit rental in Manhattan, be sure to check out the outstanding facilities that Chelsea Mini Storage has to offer you. We are pleased to offer our customers a great selection of storage unit rentals. For more information about the benefits of choosing our self storage facility, call us at (888) 549-4090.

What Should Be on Your Pre-Move To-Do List?

Planning an upcoming move can be a highly stressful experience. From packing your belongings to coordinating a truck with a moving company, you will need to make sure that every key factor is in place before your big day. With the services of a qualified moving company, you can help reduce your stress and ensure that your move goes smoothly. Read on to learn more about creating a pre-move to-do list.

Happy couple take decisions

Transfer Bank Accounts
When you are preparing to move to a new city, it is highly important to transfer your bank accounts to your new location. Depending on the services that are offered in your new city, you may need to switch to a new branch of your same bank, or choose a new bank altogether. Taking care of this step before you move will ensure that your finances are in place when you reach your new destination.

Tag Furniture
Another essential pre-move procedure is to tag all of the furniture in your home with information about its proper location. This will ensure that your movers are able to easily and efficiently move your belongings into your new house. You can use tape or paper tags to write down the location of each piece of furniture.

Pack Your Bags
As you are planning for an upcoming move, it is a great idea to pack your own travel bags in advance. When you are preparing your bags, be sure to include essential items, such as toiletries, clothing, and prescriptions.

When you are planning for a big move, do not hesitate to contact Chelsea Mini Storage of Manhattan. Along with our self storage facilities, we also offer quality moving services for both local and long distance moves. To hear more about how we can assist you with all of your moving and storage needs, give our Chelsea location a call at (888) 549-4090.

Storage Unit Rentals Made Easy

If you are considering renting a storage unit, you will have many factors to consider. From the size of your unit to the security offered at your facility, it is important to make sure that your storage unit rental meets your needs for space, security, and convenience. By keeping a few key factors in mind as you choose a storage unit, you will be able to rest assured that your new storage facility offers the perfect space to house your belongings. Let’s take a look at some items to consider when selecting a storage unit.

Shutter doors

Climate Control
When you are renting a storage unit, it is essential to ask about the climate control options offered by the building. If the storage facility gets very hot or very cold during extreme weather, your stored objects could become damaged. A climate-controlled facility will keep your items in terrific shape, throughout the seasons.

Security is another key factor to consider when you are choosing a storage unit. Ideally, your storage unit will be protected by 24/7 security personnel, as well as a surveillance camera system. In addition, you will want to choose a strong and durable lock to close up your unit. These security measures will provide you with peace of mind when you move your belongings into storage.

Unit Size
As you are shopping for storage units, it is also important to consider the size of your unit. If you will be storing very large objects, such as vehicles or furniture, you will need to choose a unit that is large enough to accommodate all of your belongings.

If you are seeking a terrific storage facility in Manhattan, be sure to check out the great amenities and services that Chelsea Mini Storage has to offer you. We are thrilled to provide our customers in Manhattan with top rated self storage services. To learn more about our storage units, call us at (888) 549-4090.

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